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My name is Samuel, and you have arrived to my website. Welcome!

I’m originally from Denmark, but have spent the last 12 years or so in Israel/Palestine, whichever you prefer. These 12 years have allowed me to study a little, work a lot, and to make a wonderful family. Great success!

Since this website has a lot to do with what I studies, religion, culture, and history, I might throw in a comment or two about that. Basically I did a BA in Hebrew studies at the University of Copenhagen, did a Graduate course in Religious Studies, focusing on the comparative study of the history and law of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam (particularly in the Holy Land), and finally an MA in Modern Middle Eastern studies, focusing on the sociological and anthropological study of religion in Israel. Yeah, you’ll need to be a geek for those studies. And it doesn’t secure a job unless you’re really good at it. Which I’m not, I just did pretty okay. But that’s it, it gave me enough knowledge that I want to share some of it with you guys. And enough to make me realize that what we typically know about this place, that is, Israel/Palestine, often is too little to really give us a good understanding of that place.

So let’s get to it. What is this website about? Well, it’s about the story and history of what traditionally has been called the “Holy Land”. I do want to point out though, this focus is less politically and more historically. I want to tell stories about this wonderful place, which people typically won’t hear about. Some people know a lot about the Jewish parts, some more about the Christian parts, and again some know more about the Islamic parts of it. I’ll try to cover it all, and in that focus on both more central and less known parts of the place. You can say that the mission statement of this website is to document the history of the “Holy Land” and share knowledge about it.

Finally, and this is also important since it will have a great impact on the website, I will use a lot of visual presentations. Some years ago I found a great love for photography, and have found a way to incorporate this into my attempt to talk stories about the wonderful place which some call Palestine, others call Israel, and others again just don’t care that much about. You should though, just not for the reasons often presented in the media.

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