A Walk through the Christian and Muslim Quarter

There are four quarters in the Old City of Jerusalem, the Jewish, the Armenian, the Christian, and the Muslim Quarter. By default one could think that these four quarters each have their own character, and that it would be clear when passing from one to another. And while this is true, when it comes to the Jewish and the Armenian Quarter, passing from the Christian to the Muslim Quarter isn’t so clear. 

There definitely are signs, Christian symbols and icons in the Christian Quarter, as well as the tourist shops catering to Christian tourists, and the lack of the same in the Muslim Quarter, and the latter feeling slightly more busy depending on where one finds oneself. But it’s never clear. There are mosques in the Christian Quarter and churches in the Muslim Quarter. And it is never clear who is Christian and who is Muslim. It is as if they are Palestinian more than anything else. It is as if the two quarters are of the same essence.


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