Notes on Photography

I love photography. That more or less covers it all. Since I made (rather than took) my first real image back in May 2018 I have spent every day in some way or another thinking about photography. Not only, but it’s always been an element of my daily routine. And while I don’t consider myself an expert or master, I do think that I have something to share in this regard. Photography allowed me to be able to express myself in a way, which I previously couldn’t do. Being an academic with a tendency to write too much and too complicated, photography allowed me to make things simple, cut to the core, and focus on just one thing and present that thing alone.

In this subsection, I will obviously write about photography. The philosophy of photographers, principles, methods, and so on. I will also, because I think it can be important, to talk about gear. But I will refrain from dealing with it in an ???? way, but rather attempt to cut to the core. For example, rather than railing about how many frames a second the newest camera model can shoot, I’ll talk about it in the context of my own usage and how it might be relevant to you. Very few people need the newest models with all their amazing specifications. Most don’t even need most of what the more upscale models offer. While I do like to talk about gear, I want it to be relevant. Both to myself and the reader. Besides, most of the people who do need the expensive gear already know that this is the case, and they won’t read about it on websites like mine, nor go to YouTube to see YouTubers talk about it. As the saying goes: KISS (keep it simple, stupid), so that’s what I’ll try to do.