The Dome of the Rock

This is probably the most important and well-known Umayyad building of today. Originally finished in 690-692 CE, the building has changed looks several times through history, though never more that it would be recognizable for any person from the 7th century seeing it today, or a person from today seeing it at any point through history. Particularly the dome has undergone changes, at times being less golden than the name would claim. 

A church seen behind a fence, low angle looking upwards towards the sky

Religion Behind Bars

Often it seems like religions attempt to fence off outside influences, to prevent the followers from being led into temptation which in turn might lead them away from the religion.

I do wonder though if sometimes we, the outsiders, keep the religious within the fence because we either don’t or won’t understand how they view the world, their role within the world, and their relation to their religion and the religion’s relation to the world.